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blexBox Mini

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#BBMINI - Don't let the size fool you, this deadly combo will have you feeling good from the inside out! 

Dame's Fin - Finger-sized, this baby comes in three pleasurable speeds. Great for all genital areas, this vibrator is made with the medical-grade silicone that your body deserves. 

Maude’s Massage Candle - A hand-poured candle that melts into a silky, non-greasy massage oil for the best of body rubs. Made with nutrient-dense oils Jojoba & Soy Bean that nourish the skin and protect from environmental stressors.

Unbound’s Jelly - Paraben, Glycerin & Petrochemical free, this vegan & water-based lube is toy and condom compatible. Safe for ALL types of play, even during pregnancy!