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#BBMini Holiday

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Spice up this holiday season with our festive #bbmini, see below to see what's inside!


Bijoux Indescrets Mouthwatering Spray: Heard of W.A.P.? This mouthwatering spray will arm you with the W.A.M.! Malic acid is a natural acid that increases your saliva production when it comes in contact with your tongue. So whether you're devouring a candy cane or indulging in some milk and cookies, your mouth will be ready for the fun.

Elm RD Intimacy Travel Mist: Leave the roasting chestnuts and the pine tree scents for the family! With essential oils like rosewood, neroli, frankincense, and the aphrodisiac, ylang ylang, this scent will leave you and your partner wanting to unwrap each other. And it's travel-sized, so you can turn any room into a hotbed of passion!

Dame Zee Bullet Vibrator: When it's cold enough for frost, when your partner's M.I.A., when you're feeling sad, simply remember your bullet vibrator, and then you won't feel so bad! -- or however, the song goes. Dame's Zee will easily become one of your favorite things, with its portable size, 3 speeds, and water-resistant, soft-to-touch material! 
                                        *This box has an MSRP of $60.00*