What is blexBox?

blexBox is a carefully curated kit featuring handpicked, safe sensual products that help heighten your intimacy experience. You deserve premium pleasure, whether you’re getting it alone or with a partner.


Blexin' is the action and process of supporting a positive space - often curated and convened by Blex - for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) communities that de-stigmatize and normalize the importance of sexual wellness and human intimacy.

Blex Technologies is an ecosystem of solutions that empower people to have healthy relationships, stronger intimacy and enhanced pleasure.

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Love Notes

“When I continued learning about the company’s focus on helping Black couples (and singles!) to achieve real intimacy, I was completely sold. I am loving the blexBox concept.”

Jasmine G, Essence Magazine

Love Notes

"blexBox blessed me before I found love." 

Mandii B, Whoreible Decisions

Love Notes

I received my blexBlox and I really like it! I think it’s wonderful and well thought-out!

Autumn, @speakingofsex 

It’s time to redefine what intimacy looks like.